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I also researched into the scale of the universe, planet and star signs external and internal starsand humans facts in relation to the length on a map.

However, I really did grow into the project and allowed myself to learn from my mistakes, leaving my final ceramics piece to harden between layers of my coil pot, so it did not sink.

gcse sketchbook

Projects are designed to integrate the use of scanners, digital drawing tablets, cameras and iPads while learning the elements and principles of design. Furthermore, I experimented with the area of 'Spacial Sculptures' again moving into positive and negative space using the idea of the paper sculptures spelling the word maps out, to create my own sculptures which i created paintings from.

This steered me towards objects hanging in space and researching artists: Critical thinking, objective analysis of artwork, and the ability to communicate in the language of art will be developed and used throughout the course.

I begin looking at sculptural work in wrap paper forms. I used oil Paints to create my own drawings not shown and experiments. They will be exposed to a broad range of metalworking processes and techniques and develop fabrication and finishing skills in a 3-D form.

My Study sheets for this project are uploaded separately. Here is my development into wrap paper form sculptures where I used emulsion paint, yarn, card, masking tape, charcoal, newspaper and graphite to create drawings of other wrap paper forms.

This was basically creating sculptures using paper and drawing the negative space around them before progressing to taking photos of areas I considered to be classed as 'spacial' on my camera.

GCSE Art Sketchbook Tour [A* / Grade 9 FULL MARKS student || Pastel Inspire]

Prior drawing experience is helpful. In this gallery included many known artist work including Antony Gormley, Kurt Schwitters and John Roddam who's work all consisted of 'special elements'.

He becomes an important piece to my coursework outcome. I started with word art and creating art using my word. The purpose of this was to experiment with mark making and a different way to layer maps over each other. Emphasis will be placed on craftsmanship, creativity, and application of the elements and principles of design.

The student will be introduced to skills and media that are utilized in the other art electives including: Going Public Exhibition- Dec to Feb While looking into different areas for the word spacial, I visited several galleries that took part in the Going Public Exhibition.

Working from direct observation, students develop an understanding of composition and paint manipulation. These two pages are when I started to explore Maps and boarders and created studies from altering the space around them.

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The reason behind that was to relate it and create a good transition from the Winter and Botanical Gardens pages. Developing meaningful peer relationships and self-motivation is necessary. If time and interest exist, principles of computer animation in Adobe Animate will also be introduced.

Sep 02,  · For my full GCSE Art sketchbook tour, please scroll down to the end of this article. The first project we did was fine art and still life, where we primarily focused on fruit and skulls in our early lessons; this is an ideal starting point for students new to GCSE Art, as it really allows you to focus on improving your basic shading and.

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Art sketchbook Sketchbook page for A Level Art Coursework final artwork, exploring the theme of war. This page is the result of a visit to the National Gallery, where Ruth documented war art from a.

gcse gcse art art eyes eyes sketch eyes drawing pencil indie grunge dark black sketchbook drawing coursework art coursework detailed girl bored school artwork illistration sketches sketch note notebook page sketchbook page work gcse's tattoo art. The example illustrated is an A3 art sketchbook (landscape in format) and was part of an International GCSE Art and Design coursework project.

A photograph of the final artwork has been laminated and glued to the sketchbook cover to create a simple title page. The A3 sketchbook examples shown in this blog post were created by my sister Heather Garland (aged seventeen) and I, prior to my first year of teaching IGCSE Art and Design (the International equivalent of GCSE Art, assessed by Cambridge University).

Course content will introduce and develop skills and knowledge in the areas of art history, art criticism, design concepts, art production, and art careers. A sketchbook journal requiring drawing, writing and idea development will be an integral part of this course.

Art coursework sketchbook
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