Assyrian crisis

It should not diminish this perspective either theologically or historically to note that the deliverance of Jerusalem from the Assyrians would later lead to the dogma of the inviolability of Zion, the idea that God would always under all circumstances protect the city of Jerusalem and the Temple.

Sargon invaded Asia Minor and deported most of the population to other parts of the empire. Because the Kurdish curriculum is not accredited in Syria, many Kurdish and Arab Muslims choose to send their children to the Assyrian church-run schools. However, after only 6 months in office he was assassinated by Shallum ben Jabesh who attempted to seize the throne 2 Kings During the same period in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, Uzziah also proved to be a capable leader providing a corresponding forty year period of peace and prosperity for Judah.

Although not belonging to the prophetic guild, he was called to be a prophet directly by God. However, he died just before the city was conquered.

Assyria (21st Century Crisis)

Hosea the prophet speaks to the political and economic situation of turmoil in Israel that resulted from the Assyrian threat. Some suggest that at this time Hezekiah, fearing the worst, sent envoys to Sennacherib and secured a peace treaty at the price of heavy tribute that resulted in Hezekiah stripping the temple of it gold to meet the demands 2 Kings After the death of Jeroboam II, Israel becomes increasingly unstable.

He uses a parable of the potter and the clay. The Judean prophet Isaiah of Jerusalem mediated a sign from Yhwh that he would recover and, furthermore, that Jerusalem would be delivered from the threat of the Assyrians.

The reference is undoubtedly to the biblical king Hezekiah. Amos was an older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah. The prophet Isaiah strongly opposed the revolt against Assyria see Isaiah An oppressive economic disparity developed and many fell into poverty and landlessness.

Amos took the religious concepts of justice and righteousness, which had primary application to the way God deals with his people, and applied them to human social interaction.

Ahaz himself even allowed one of his sons to be offered as a child sacrifice 2 Kings After early conflicts with Canaanite tribes, and in spite of occasional skirmishes with surrounding nations, Israel enjoyed years without major threats of conquest.

If he sided with the rebels at all, he managed to extricate himself before it was too late. And so these Samaritans, as they came to be called, would forever be suspect to those in the south, who considered themselves more orthodox and obedient. Let justice roll down like water, righteousness like an eternally flowing stream.

To remove the Assyrian shrines was the same as rejecting Assyrian rule. This "precious cornerstone" is ultimately a designation of Jesus the Messiah 1 Peter 2: In the analysis of the Deuteronomistic historian, this mixed population lacked corporate commitment to Yhwh and his covenant. Since Hezekiah became very sick and was at the point of death 2 Kings With resources already low, Pekah decided with the aid of Rezin to march his army south to Judah, remove Jotham by force, and replace him with a ruler more agreeable to his plans Isa 7: Faced with the prospect of Assyrian invasion, Menahem taxed the wealthy of the Kingdom to pay tribute to Tiglath-Pileser, thus avoiding a direct invasion.

They interpret what we would understand to be political and military weakness, and inadequate leadership, as a spiritual and moral decay that had undermined the fabric of both nations See Baal Worship in the Old Testament.

The bottom words would be read first and the top word last.


But the drunken leaders of the northern kingdom have no desire to learn. Into their place, the Assyrians moved other conquered peoples. Let justice roll down like water, righteousness like an eternally flowing stream. The implication of these events from the biblical perspective is that God spared the city because of the faithfulness of Hezekiah and the reforms that he had instituted in the worship of Yahweh 2 Chron As Pekah marched his army to the south, Jotham abruptly died and was succeeded by his son Ahaz who had to face the threat from the combined Aramean and Israelite forces.

Hezekiah sent an embassy to Egypt asking for help. But the majority of the population, the small landholders and farmers, found themselves increasingly in debt to the upper class. But it is obvious that the Chronicles account emphasizes far more the negative aspects of the invasion as a vehicle for the theological point that disobedience to God brings consequences to preserve some sense of justice, the Chronicler notes that the Northerners did not profit from their looting of the city, 2 Chron Again, while we have no direct evidence, events suggest that this assassination was an attempt to change policy toward Assyria and save the nation.

The Deuteronomistic historian projects Hezekiah as the model of appropriate action in time of national crisis. Hezekiah and the Assyrian Crisis Posted on February 25, by Claude Mariottini The events related to the Assyrian invasion of Judah and the siege of Jerusalem are difficult to determine because the timing and sequence of events as they appear in the book of 2 Kings is difficult to interpret.

Written by BGU. May 7, This post involves how we see the Lord using the Assyrian Crisis to spread the news about Him.

Isaiah pronounces judgment on corrupt rulers, priests, and prophets. The government relies on Egypt to help them against the Assyrian threat, but it is a vain hope. Only the Messiah's reign and God's peace have any promise.

He was in Jerusalem during the critical years of the Assyrian crisis, bolstering Judah’s fragile and fearful leaders with words from Yhwh (see Figure ).


His most famous pronouncement is the Immanuel oracle that assured God’s continued endorsement of the house of David. Oct 16,  · ASSYRIAN CRISIS IN IRAQ AND SYRIA-- plus update from Nigeria by Elizabeth Kendal As noted in RLPB (29 Aug ), the Assyrian nation [the indigenous Christian nation of Mesopotamia (Syria-Iraq)] is in a struggle for its survival.

While jihadist activity remains a problem, of greater concern is the less overt but more insidious threat posed by Kurdish nationalism. The Assyrian King, while not really needing it to act, had an open invitation to invade the Northern Kingdom with support from Judah to the South.

The Assyrian armies began to deal one by one with the rebellious nations.

Assyrian crisis
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