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The Company has received significant interest for its technology from police and companies in the U. Of note, the Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee recently rejected a bill authorizing the use of saliva testing in traffic enforcement, amid concerns of scientific validity, accuracy, and infringement on civil liberties.

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Here is a short time line to give an idea of the historic ramifications of this move by Isuzu: GEOa leading West African based drilling company, will release its fourth quarter and year end financial results, prior to the market open on Monday March 2, This press release is not an offer or a solicitation of an offer of securities for sale in the United States.

Hibbard holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and an LL.

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His expertise in toxicology and forensic mass spec have been instrumental with government toxicology labs during the recent fentanyl crisis in BC and his skills will be invaluable as we prepare for trials with the Cannabix marijuana breathalyzer device. Giugiaro took this as an insult and not only refused to do any further work with Isuzu and GM, but for many years, he denied having designed the Gemini.

The Government of Canada, is expected to table marijuana legalization legislation in the spring. The question remains as to if Japanese sheet metal will be imported for the Isuzu model, or if simple badge and grille changes are made to differentiate the models. GEOa leading West African based drilling company, will release its financial results for its second quarter for the six months ended June 30,prior to the market open on Thursday August 13, The US market has seen mostly very tempermental and difficult to drive, and the reputation of diesel powerplants has suffered in this market as a result of this.

DRB currently assembles vehicles for Audi, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Proton for the Malasian market, and have a multitude of passenger car specific assembly lines that are a significant asset to Isuzu for future passenger car sedan or coupe development and manufacture.

GEOa leading West African based drilling company, reported its financial results for the threemonth and nine-month period ended September 30, The new video can be viewed at www.

The Company will use key metrics and guidance from Drugs and Driving Committee DDCwhich is an advisory body to the Canadian Department of Justice on issues relating to drug-impaired driving and has been given a mandate to develop reports regarding drugs that are proposed for zero-tolerance and per se legislation, including cannabis.

GEOa leading West African based drilling company, reported its financial results for the three-month and six-month periods ended June 30, This represents a major expansion of Isuzu into the Chinese market.

Northwest Bancorporation acquired consumer finance firm Dial Finance which is renamed Norwest Financial Service the following year. As the stocks of the discontinued Rodeo and Axiom models run out, Isuzu will expend minimal efforts marketing the GM made Ascender and wait out the end the contract which obligates them to sell the vehicle, tightenning its belt and anticipating the introduction of the Thai made pickup and mid and small size SUV replacements slated for introduction in The Company also announces that, effective December 31, Mr.

Cannabix has been working with Dr. GEOa leading West African based drilling company, reported its financial results for the three month period ended March 31, These workplace issues could be particularly concerning when heavy machinery is involved and safety is paramount.

The current political situation in the US makes it unlikely that politicians would suggest the lifting of these protectionist tariffs. Thus, the first charter passed from First National Bank of Philadelphia to Wells Fargo through its acquisition of Wachovia, which had inherited it through one of its many acquisitions.

GEOa leading West African based drilling company, reported its financial results for the three-month and six-month period ended June 30, She is a sought after international speaker, scholar and scientist, and the author of manuscripts based on her research on cannabinoid agonists and antagonists, effects of in utero drug exposure and the neurobiology and pharmacokinetics of novel psychoactive substances.

There will be no serious effort to market the GM made Ascender through the and model years, after which Isuzu's contract to sell that vehicle will end. How will Detroit like being told how to run their company by the Japanese.

Not For Distribution To U. We enable the timely creation and distribution of ideas and information among people and organizations at a local and global scale.

We have been able to use our expertise and patent in FAIMS technology and build a device that achieves the required sensitivity and specificity but also will be a handheld portable device, similar to alcohol breathalyzers.


Isuzu plans to introduce at least two completely new models in latetotally designed and manufactured by Isuzu and with no ties to GM. The Option exercise will give Cannabix exclusive worldwide rights in the area of breath analysis of controlled substances.

The only remaining concern is that now that all decisions will be made by Isuzu in Japan, the US office hopes to be allotted a large enough advertising budget to allow for a serious promotional effort for what amounts to a reintroduction of the marque in the US market.

With up to nine states in the US voting on marijuana legalization measures this fall, the need for a marijuana breathalyzer is becoming ever critical and we believe our timing for external testing of the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer will coincide with further states legalizing marijuana.

Currently, a new drill program aims at duplicating historic Gulf Dominion holes in the D-Zone to validate and confirm historic data, to enable the possible use of this data in an updated, comprehensive resource estimate for the D-Zone.

In particular, Cannabix is focused on developing breath testing devices for detection of recent use of THC, in contrast to urine testing for THC metabolite that requires an invasive collection and reflects use days or even weeks earlier.

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Wal-Mart mentioned Brazil specifically, and the complexity of its federal, state and local laws. Based on this historic non-NIcompliant data Pg 34this indicates the potential for approximately 9. Wells Fargo acquired United Bancorporation of Wyoming.

The law outlaws the use of trucks without these devices in and around the four prefectures surrounding Tokyo, and as no aftermarket retrofit is available, truck operators are required to buy new trucks.

Com indicate that once Isuzu executes the stock buy back and conversion of preferred shares to common shares, Mitsubishi will supplant General Motors as the largest share holder in Isuzu with 11 percent, Itochu will be third with 6 percent.

The George Mason Law Review – a student-edited law review at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. Dunnedin Ventures Inc.

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news release. The Company notes that numerous priority targets remain that are associated with high-rank DIMs. Appearing online June 8,PEMX ® is a member of MQCC™, the Global Network Administrator of the world's safest financial network of quality managed exchangesfor trading in fiat and non-fiat digital finance.

Including. You are being directed to ZacksTrade, a division of LBMZ Securities and licensed broker-dealer. ZacksTrade and are separate companies. View Geo Group Inc (The) GEO investment & stock information. Get the latest Geo Group Inc (The) GEO detailed stock quotes, stock data, Real-Time ECN, charts, stats and more.



Lithium Energi Exploration, Inc. (TSX.V:LEXI) is an exploration company specializing in the strategic acquisition, exploration and development of lithium brine assets in Argentina.

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